Bakhtawar Singh Thakran was a freedom fighter and the Chaudhary of Jharsa Khap . This warrior was born in Jhadsa village who had become a time for the British.  He had sacrificed his entire family for the country.  However, the British government hanged him.  According to Bijendra Singh, retired Subedar of Jhadsa village and Vanfare Officer of Zilla Sainik Board, Bakhtawar Singh was Chaudhary of Jhadsa 360.  Bakhtawar Singh had the right of revenue and Jhadsa was the commissionerate.  He used to set up his court here and give justice to the people.  From this, he started the campaign of awareness for Azadi-e-Jung. Bakhtawar Singh was engaged in opposition to the British rule from the beginning.  During the war of 1857, when the British fled Delhi and came to Gurgaon to hide, Bakhtawar Singh took one by one about 250 British soldiers and British officers hostage and gave them all the same torture that the British government used to give to Indians.  In the end, Bakhtawar Singh put all those British to death.  When the fire of the war of 1857 cooled down, the British took Bakhtawar Singh hostage by deceit.  The British asked him to tell the address of other revolutionaries, but Bakhtawar Singh did not kneel before him.  The British government had hanged this heroic on 12 October 1857 at the present Rajiv Chowk for killing the officers of the British government.  In this way, this hero sacrificed his life and his family for the country.  After hanging, the British left his dead body the same, the residents of Islampur had performed his last rites.

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