Chaudhary Dhuna Singh Of Bhadaur, was born into Sidhu Jat family and son of Chaudhary Ram Singh Of Bhadaur, who received Jhande da Amrit from Guru Gobind Singh at Damdama Sahib,also He was 14th Generation Direct descendants Of Rao Pair Of Bidowal, Chaudhary Dhuna Singh Of Bhadaur was a peace-loving man, and that is why, he did not join his kinsmen in any rebellion, against the Mughal Government of Delhi. He was appointed to the office of Chaudhary (tax officer), overseeing the towns of Sangrur, Bhadaur and several other villages. However this office was not a desirable one in those days, for it indicated collection of the Imperial Revenue, for which the people were reluctant to pay. Subsequently he fell into hard times. The Governor of Lahore demanded the customary payment from Chaudhary Dhuna Singh Of Bhadaur, who in turn left for Lahore. His brothers agreed to send their quotas, but they failed to do so. Dhuna and his son Chaudhary Dau Singh (d.1723)  were imprisoned. The latter died in captivity. The intercession of a friend secured the release of Chaudhary Dhuna Singh Of Bhadaur, but the hardships of his imprisonment took a toll on his health, and when he returned to Bhadaur, he passed away in 1726. And his successor was Chaudhary Bigha Singh .

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