CHAUDHARY KAPUR SINGH (1628-1708), an ancestor of the Faridkot ruling house, was born the son of Chaudhary Lala Singh in 1628. He succeeded in 1643 his uncle, Chaudhary Bhallan Singh Brar, Jagirdar of Kot Kapura. He was a brave and able man, and consolidated his possessions winning many victories over Bhatti Rajput and other tribes in his neighbourhood. He at first resided at Panj Grain, but subsequently founded Sarliwala, now a deserted place near Bagrian, which he soon abandoned for a new site, Kot Kapura, named after himself, and which he is said to have founded in 1661 at the suggestion of Bhai Bhagatu, a holy man who was an ancestor of the Kaithal Royal Family.

The reputation for justice and benevolence which Kapura enjoyed induced many immigrants to settle in Kot Kapura which soon became a place of considerable importance. During his long life, Kapur Singh had the rare honour of serving Guru Har Rai and Guru Gobind Singh during their travels in his part of the country. It is said that he received the pdhulor rites of Sikh initiation at the hands of Guru Gobind Singh who bestowed upon him a sword and shield, still preserved in the family. In 1708, at the age of eighty, Kapur Singh was treacherously assassinated by his old rival `Isa Khan, a Manjh Rajput, with whom he had a longstanding feud and who, in turn, fell at the hands of his revengeful sons, Sukhia, Sema and Mukhia.

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