Chaudhary Mihr Mitha Dhaliwal was a famous Jagirdar of Ferozepur district of Indian state of Punjab during the reign of Mughal Emperor, Akbar. He had a beautiful daughter Dharm Kaur whom Akbar wanted to marry. Akbar sent him the farmaan which read that he wanted to marry his daughter.

In his response, Chaudhary Mihr Mitha said that he would discuss this proposal with other chaudhris of JatKhaps. He did the same and organised the meeting of 35 Jat Clan Khaps. In the Khap, the matter was discussed and it was decided that they wouldn’t give their daughter to a non-Jat man. And in return they were ready to fight with Akbar till their last breath. Even Chaudhary Mihr Mitha ‘s daughter Dharm Kaur too spoke in the Khap that she would love to die but wouldn’t marry to Akbar.

The Khap’s decision was sent to Emperor Akbar. Akbar got impressed by the courage and valour shown by Dhaliwal Jats. He invited Chaudhary Mihr Mitha to his court and conferred him the title of mian. He also donated jagirs of 120 villages to Dhaliwal Jats.

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