Chaudhary Phatuhi of Gujjarwal, was born into Hindu Jat family of GujjarwalEstate,he was served him with devotion to Guru Hargobind he became proud of the service he had rendered, and returned to the Guru in state, attended by servants and richly attired, with a hawk on his hand, and asked the Guru if he could do anything for him. The Guru asked him to give him his hawk. Chaudhary Phatuhi was taken aback at this unexpected demand. He prized his hawk highly and did not want to part with it. When he hesitated and began to make excuses, the Guru told him not to bother and keep the bird. It so happened that, as Phatuhl returned home, his hawk swallowed a thong and was acutely sick. All efforts to cure him failed. Chaudhary Phatuhi realized his error in denying the bird to the Guru. He took the hawk to the Guru and supplicated him to save his bird’s life. The Guru patted the hawk. He immediately vomitted the thong and got well. Chaudhary Phatuhi offered the hawk to the Guru, who, however, declined saying that if Phatuhl had shed his pride, he need not make any further offering. The Guru in fact bestowed a turban on Chaudhary Phatuhi which is still preserved by his descendants as a holy relic.


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