Chaudhary Ram Singh Mann was a Choudhary of Balla in Karnal. He was a great patriot and warrior. He was well versed in horse riding and sword wielding.

During the revolution of 1857, he prepared an army of about 900 Kshatriya Jat heroes from his village and nearby area. Whose purpose was to protect the village and destroy the British. He himself took the lead from one place by forming a team of 50 brave cavalrymen.

The 1st Punjab Cavalry, led by the English Major Hughes, had Afghan and Sikh soldiers. Fearing the activities of the revolutionaries, they attacked the village.

In this war, the brave revolutionaries fired bullets with guns. Ram Singh’s cavalry attacked the British army as soon as they came near and killed many soldiers. After losing from here, the English army again came in more numbers the next day, but due to the bravery of this brave warrior of Mother India, the Sikh Pathan army had to run away again. Due to two consecutive defeats, now the British sent bigger artillery and more soldiers. Many guns were martyred due to gunfire.

Now the brave revolutionaries, tying turbans and taking swords, jumped into the battle to fight their last battle. In front of only 50 cavalrymen under the leadership of Ram Singh, a fierce battle took place between the cannon balls and the larger Sikh Pathan army, who had modern weapons, in which Ram Singh and all his companions were martyred but they did not take a step back. . In the end, he also made the supreme sacrifice for the country in the battlefield!

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