(Know how the commander of the army of Sarvakhap had valor on behalf of Rana Sanga in the battle of Khanua in 1527)

Chaudhary Totaram Baliyan was born in a Raghuvanshi Kshatriya Baliyan Jat family of Kakade, the famous village of Baliyan Khap. He was a very brave warrior. Since childhood, he was fond of fencing and horse riding, when he was young, he led Balyian Khap to victory in many wars under the leadership of Baliyan Khap.

Battle of Khanwa: –

This war took place between the Sisodia Rajput king Rana Sanga and Babur, but Balian Khap requested Rana Sanga to give military aid, which was sanctioned by the Baliyan Khap Chaudharys and the Khap Chaudhary led by Chaudhary Totaram , made the warrior commander of 1500 warriors in 1527. In the battle of Khanwa, Rana Sanga was sent to fight Babur in AD, in which the valiant army of Sarvakhap led by the warrior commander, warrior Chaudhary Totaram , together with Rao Ratansain of Medhata, father of Bhaktini Mirabai of Mughals. There was a fierce attack on artillery, the war became very fierce. While fighting on behalf of Rana Sanga, the commander of the Sarvakhap was attacked by him from behind and seriously injured him and performed his duty in the battlefield and by showing courage, he attained Veeragati.

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