Chaudhury Mohan Singh of Mehraj, younger son of Chaudhury Pakhu [Pukko], Jagirdar Of Mehraj , Confirmed as “Chaudhury” in succession to his father, but fell into arrears and fled to his relatives in Hansi and Hissar. Collected a large force, returned and defeated the Bhatti Rajputs, near Bedowli. Founded Mehraj in honour of his great-grandfather, on the advice of the sixth Guru Har Govind Rai, He was married twice times , When they were at their peak, they were the strongest vassals in their region. And he had driven out almost all the Jagirdars and Nawabs from his territory. Choudhary Mohan Singh along with his son, he defeated the Bhatti Rajputs many times, but in 1618 in one battle, he was attacked from behind and killed and then his son.


  • Major W.L. Conran and H.D. Craik. Chiefs and Families of Note in the Punjab. 3 Volumes. Government of the Punjab, Lahore, 1910-1911.

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