Colonel Raja Sri Birendra Singh Sahib [BirInder Singh] Of Patiala was born at Chail, 1898, he was done education at Aitchison College, Lahore, and Equitation School Sangrur, Punjab, and Indian States’ Forces Senior Officers’ School, Jaipur.He was deploy as temp Hon. 2nd-Lieut IA 6/6/1919, served in 3rd Afghan War 1919, attached HQ 1st Infantry Brigade, Hon 2nd-Lieut IA 15/9/1919, Lieut 1st Rajindra Lancers 1920, Military & Private Sec 1923-1924, promotion as a Major in 1930, cdt 1st Rajindra Lancers 1930-1935 and 1938-1939, promotion Lieut-Colonel 1934, cdt 2nd Patiala Lancers 1941-1943, promotion Colonel Granted the titles of “Rao Raja” in October 1924 and “Raja” in October 1934. He deprived of his rank and titles, 1939.
Colonel Raja Sri Birendra Singh Sahib Of Patiala Received many madels like India GSM (with Afghanistan NWF clasp 1919), Silver Jubilee (1935) and Coron (1937) medals, GC of the Royal Phulkian Family Order (1933), and the Order of Alfonso XII of Spain (23.10.1928), BadshahiMela (1911), Afghanistan (1919), SamanyaSeva, Dhiragh SainikSeva, JashaniNuqrai (1925), YuvrajVivah (1933) and Rajyabishekh (1938) medals.
He was done two marriages first with Rani Sri Joginder Kaur [Loharewali Rani Sahib] , she was born at Lohara, Punjab, 1908; and died at Patiala, 3rd May 1997 and second marriage with Rani Sri IndraKumari Devi [Kuchesarwali Rani Sahib], daughter ofDalalJat ruler Rai Tejpal Singh, of Kuchesar, Bulandshahar district of UP at Siri Niwas, Bulandshahr, 1923, He was at Patiala.

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