The Rohtas Fort which Sardar Gujjar Singh Bhangi and his best friend Sardar Charat Singh Sukerchakia conquered from the maternal uncle of Ahmad Shah Durrani Nawab Sarbuland Khan enabling them to conquer Jhelum and the surrounding areas, after Sardar Gujjar Singh had previously conquered Gujrat and Lahore (latter with Sardar Lehna Singh Bhangi) from 1765…the Rohtas Fort was captured by the two Jat sardars in the summer of 1767 after they had contracted a marriage between Gujjars middle son Sahib and Charat’s daughter Raj Kaur (Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s aunt)….the territories of Rohtas, Dhan Baloki, Ghebb and Mukhad fell to Charat Singh share and the tallugas of Wangal, Bharwal, Pindi Rawal up to the boundary of River Attock fell to Gujjar Singh Bhangi

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