The Sikhs were determined to conquer Sirhind. In January, 1764, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia marched upon Sirhind. Jassa Singh commanded 10,000 horsemen of his own misl. As head of the Dal Khalsa hehad under him seven Jat sikh misls, six misls of the Budha Dal and the Bhangi misl of the Taruna Dal. Raja Ala Singh of Patiala also joined them as Sarhind was situated only 37 kms north of his capital and he desired to possess it. The battle was fought with Zain Khan near Isru. Zain Khan was wounded. He fled away on horseback and entered a mango grove to hide himself. His head struck against a thick branch of a tree, and he fell down. A Jat sikh was pursuing him. He cut off his head, and took it to Jassa Singh. The town was thoroughly squeezed without any distinction. Ratan Singh Bhangu his Panth Prakash on page 269 writes:

“Live Hindwankejewarutar.”The province of Sarhind was divided among seven misls and Phulkian states. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia seized a group of 24 villages in Ludhiana district. Of the 24 villages eight were retained under his own control. Twelve villages were given to Bundali a Sikhs of his own misl. Four villages were granted to the Sikhs of Rurki also belonging to his misl.

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