Dafadar Sardar Dalip Singh Of Thala, was born in 1844 into Sandhu Jat family, he was the direct descendant of Sardar Mahan Singh ,who was the founder of Thala Estate, and the son of Sardar Jaimal Singh Of Thala , when he was going he entered the British Indian Army in 1863.In 1880 He was served as a Dafadar in the “7th Bengal Lancers. He was a Lambardar and a Zaildar and is well-known in the district for his love of sport.and after seven years later, retired on pension. Also before retirement he was received the title of “Choudhari” also, later he and his two brothers have each inherited one-third of their father’s jagir of 260 Ghumaons, Also he has evinced great interest in various official activities for the welfare of the public.

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