In 1842 Shah Shuja was assassinated in Kabul and British reached an agreement with Emir Dost Mohammad Khan Barakzai who was in house arrest in Dehradun/Mussoorie (now in Uttarakhand). British asked Maharaja Sher Singh about their plans to allow Emir Dost Mohammad Khan Barakzai to return to Afghanistan. Maharaja Sher Singh Of Lahore did not objected.

On his way back to Kabul, Emir Dost Mohammad Khan Barakzai entered Punjab in 1843 and Sher Singh gave him a huge welcome at Lahore. Both rulers agreed to have their vakils (diplomats) in each other’s capital cities. And every year till Punjab was annexed in 1849 both kingdoms exchanged gifts. Maharaja Sher Singh of Lahore displayed great diplomatic skills to bury the hatchet with the neighbour whom Sikhs have been fighting for close to a 100 years.

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