In 1827 news came from Peshawar that one Khalifa Sayyid Ahmad had created a stir among the Yusufzais. Sayyid, Ahmad formerly known as Mir Ahmad, was the resident of Barelli.

Khalifa incited his followers against SardarYar Muhammad who was accused of having accepted fealty to the Sikhs and had become an apostate. An army of forty thousand crusaders attacked Peshawar and occupied it. Yar Muhammad was killed 185 in the fighting and his artillery was captured by Sayyid Ahmad in 1830.

The occupation of Peshawar by Sayyid Ahmad upset the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore. He immediately ordered Prince Sher Singh and General Ventura to reoccupy Peshawar. There was a sanguinary fighting in Peshawar, Sayyid Ahmad and his men fled away and Peshawar came in the hands of Lahore forces. Waen the Lahore forces returned from Peshawar Khalifa Sayyid Ahmad igain raised insurrection in May 1831. The Khalifa and hisadviser Maulvi Asmail were killed in an action and the Afghan rebellion came to an end.


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