Fatah Singh was the first officer appointed by Banda Bahadur in charge of district Samana consisting of nine parganahs. In the battle of Sarhind he served as deputy commander-in-chief, in charge of general supervision. In the thickest fight between Banda and Wazir Khan, Fatah Singh came to the rescue of Baj Singh, and cut Wazir Khan from shoulder to waist. After the battle he retained his rank and was ordered to move about to suppress any rebellion and disorder. Emperor Bahadur Shah besieged Banda’s fort of Lohgarh in December, 1710. Banda escaped into the hills. Fatah Singh remained behind to continue the fight. On the fall of the fort, he was taken prisoner and imprisoned in the Red Fort at Delhi along with Ali Singh, Gulab Singh, and Raja Bhup Prakash of Nahan. Fatah Singh was executed on June 10, 1716.


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