Baba Bachint Singh Sandhu was born in 1876 in ManjkiDoaba’s famous village Rourka Kalan Tehsil Phillaur District Jalandhar Punjab at the house of father Sardar Sundar Singh Sandhu and Mai Basant Kaur. He was born into Sandhu, a Zamindar family. Bachint Singh Sandhu did not marry Mai Asha Kaur at a young age.

It was in the beginning of 20th century in 1907 Bachint Singh Sandhu went to Canada like other Punjabis. Started working at lumber mills in Vancouver. Baba Bachint Singh Sandhu found a new world in Canada. Baba Bachit Singh in Punjab India did not know about democracy but after coming to Canada society started. At that time, the Canadian government should have stopped Punjabis from coming to Canada. The British government wanted the Punjabi immigrants who came to Canada to be taken to Honduras Island, Baba Bachint Singh Sandhu opposed this.Baba Bachint Singh Sandhu has raised funds in Canada for the construction of Gurdwaras in Abbotsford and Victoria. When Baba Sohan Singh Gill Bhakna (1870-1968) and Canadian Punjabis started the Gadhar movement on Canadian soil in 1913, Baba Bachint Singh also joined the Gadhar Party soon. Bachint Singh Sandhu spread the gadar newspaper far and wide in Canada.

When the first world war WW1 started in 1914, the UdoGadhar party told the Gadharis in Punjab to revolt against the British government. December 12 1914 . Baba Ishar Singh , Baba Pakhar Singh Dhudike and Baba Uttam Singh Hans reached Colombo. Colombo ploisanna handed over to British govt and baba Bachint Singh Sandhu questioned in Ludhiana jail bachgovt released anna from Ludhiana.Police had arrested Baba Bachant Singh in village Rourka Kalan. The village lambardar told the government that Baba Bachint Singh is a dangerous person. Police once again arrested Baba Bachint Singh Sandhuand was released in 1916. Baba Bachint Singh Sandhu declared village Rourka Kalan an independent village in 1921. A big conference took place in Roorka Kalan village in which Baba Bachint Singh Sandhu spoke openly against the British government. The British government charged her with section 395 and was sentenced to 5 years and 2 months in prison. Bach has been released. The Bachint Singh Sandhu was also arrested with section 151 and section 353.

Baba Bachint Singh Sandhu firmly supported KirtiKisan Party. And there were very big associates of Baba Karam Singh Cheema and Bhag Singh Canadian.In 1932 Bachint Singh Sandhu was sentenced for 5 months and fined RS. The case of 200 happened to 452.When the Second World War WW2 broke out, there also rebels and the jails of Multan and Deoli were taken. Bachint Singh Sandhu was a partner of the Akali movement. And participated in the Punjabi Suba Morcha in 1955.He was passed away in his village Rourka Kalan on 11 April 1961. 85 year old mother suffered. Fought for country and rights.Due to this much treacherous Baba, there are thousands and lakhs of Sikhs in Canada. Punjab State is a city with majority Sikh population like Wankuar in Canada. Sikhs have fought a lot in Canada. Movement of independence from Canadian soil to liberate India.

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