General Raja Sir Ranbir Singh Sahib Of Patiala, KCSI was born at Moti Bagh Palace, Patiala in 1877 .He was son of Maharaja Mahendra Singh Of Patiala and Younger brother of Maharajkumar Rajinder Singh ,later Maharaja Of Patiala . He was MSC Patiala 1899-1901, Financial Minister 1899-1901, Member Council of Regency 1901-1910, MLC Punjab 1904-1911, MLC Calcutta 1910-1916, Member Patiala State AdministrativeCommittee. President Central Victoria Memorial Committee. Granted the personal title of “KanwarBahadur” in 1901, and promote to “Raja” in February 1915. He was Received Delhi Durbar silver (1903 & 1911) , KCSI (1903) and Coron (1911) medals, was married at Patiala, 1889 with the daughter of Sardar Lahna Singh Sekhon of Karamgarh Estate, Under Patiala State. He was died at Kasauli in 18th January 1916,.

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