General SardarKahan Singh Mann, was born into Mann Jat family, he was the one of the prominent “Sardar” and Jagir darunder Lahore Empire. He was appointed Commander of the Body Guard to“ The Lion of the Punjab” and eventually rose to the rank of General On the outbreak of anarchy following the death of Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahorehe threw in his Jot with the British, as he saw that their intervention was necessary to the salvation of his country. He was made Governor of Lahore, and subdued the rebellious Governor of Kashmir Shaikh Imam-ud-Din, and brought him in a prisoner; and he also held as a prisoner, Malik Fateh Khan Tiwana, the Governor of DeraJat, a defaulter to the British, The final scene in General Kahan Singh’s life came at the resignation of the Governorship of Multan by DewanMool Raj. The General was appointed his successor, and, in April1846, in company with Mr. Van Agnew and Lieutenant Anderson, and an escort of 1,400 strong, proceeded to take up his new charge. Arrived at Multan the party camped at the Idgah for the night, and, the next morning, General Kahan Singh formerly took over the Governorship from Mool Raj. Later the General and Mr. Van Agnew and Lieutenant Anderson were fired on by MoolRaj’s men, the two European gentlemen being already wounded when coming out of the Fort. The party took refuge in the Idgah which was fired on by the fort, the Gener: ‘s escort mutinied and deserted, he andhis son and Messrs. Van Agnew and Anderson were made prisoners. The Englishmen were at once beheaded ; and their heads roasted and thrown before General Kahan Singh with the remark ; “here are tne friends of whom you have been boasting.” The Generalson was the SardarWasawa Singh who was the succecesor of his Estate .


  • Imperial Coronation During 1911.
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