Honorary Lieutenant ‘Sardar Bahadur Shivnarain Singh C.I.E. Of Moron (1885-1952), was born in 1885, He was the son of Moron Jat Jagirdar Sardar Harnam Singh Of Moron,he was a Sub-Registrar at Phillaur, and was also appointed an Honorary Magistrate in 1918. He spent most of his life in Moron, looking after the affairs of the state, and was educated at the Aitchison College, Lahore. He made a huge effort recruiting over eighty men during the First World War, and served as secretary of various committees appointed in the district, to further the cause of the First World War, from 1916 to 1918. He contributed over Rs 500 annually from the income of his own Jagir, towards the War Loan, and proved equally useful to the Government, in connection with the Akali movement.

In 1925, he was promoted to an Extra Assistant Commissionership and awarded a CIE (Companion of the Indian Empire) for his efforts by the British Government in 1924. The title of ‘Sardar Sahib’ and later ‘Sardar Bahadur’ was conferred upon him in 1920. In addition to these titles, he was granted a Jagir worth Rs 250 per annum, and an additional Jagir of the same value was also given to him. He was also granted five squares of land in the Montgomery District (Pakistan) in 1933. Shivnarain Singh was nominated as member of the Punjab Legislative Council in 1926, and retained his seat until 1936. He married into the Kalaswala family, known as the Bajwa Jats from Gujranwala District (Pakistan). He had two sons; Major General Sardar Harnarain Singh and Major Narnarain Singh, the latter, had left the army after the war and joined the IAS.

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