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The Shahabad Sardars are a branch of the Nishanwala misal. Their ancestor was Lal Singh, a successful adventurer from the Manjha.His cousin, Himmat Singh, pushed on his conquests in 1763 so as to embrace the whole of the Shahabad district, a large portion of which he shared with his followers, Bhagwan Singh and Diwan Singh. He died in 1771, and was succeeded by his nephew, Karam Singh, whom he had adopted. He was not Friendly with Mughals and they done many fight with them. Later they were  friendly with the Mughal Governors, and received from Ahmad Shah a jagir in the Shikarpur taaluka and the title of Sardar for services-rendered. Most of his lunds were, however, wrested from his sons shortly after his death. In 1864 the joint holdings of the cousins, Partab Singh, Kishan Singh and Dharam Singh in the Karnal District were assessed at Rs. 5,800 per annum, subject to a service commutation charge of Rs. 613. The family behaved well both in the Sutlej campaigns and in the rebellion of 1857. In 1910 Sardar Sheo Narayan Singh was representative of the family and he was a Viceregal Darbari. He also attended the Coronation Darbar. He remained for some time the Vice President of Shahabad Municipality. His jagir was then worth about Rs. 3,000 and he held private property bringing in about another Re. 4,000. He died in 1915. Sardar Sheo Narain Singh’s son, Sardar Jasmer Singh, was educated in Delhi. He is a Provincial Darbari and an elected member of the District Board. He enjoys exemption from certain provisions of the Arms Act. The Government has recognised his title as Sardar which will be treated as hereditary in the family. His annual income was about 12000 , which was includes Rs 5000 From His Jagir.


  • Sardar Himmat Singh, he was a prominent member of the Nishanwalia misl, his widow adopted his nephew, married and had adoptive issue. He died sp in 1771.
    • Sardar Karam Singh (qv)
  • Sardar Karam Singh Nirmala, Jagirdar of Shahbad 1771/1808; was nicknamed Nirmala (spotless), he was granted five villages by his predecessors widow, he repaid her kindness by obtaining a grant of her whole estate from Delhi, and ousting her from all but the village of Islamabad; he was on good terms with the Mughal Governors and received from Ahmad Shah Durrani, a jagir in the Shikarpur taluka, and the title of Sardar for services rendered, married and had issue, four sons. He died 1808.
    • Sardar Ranjit Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Sher Singh, married and had issue. He died 1861.
      • Sardar Kesar Singh, he died in 1863 when his share of the estate, valued at Rs11,500, was resumed by the government.
      • Bibiji Bhagbari, married Kanwar Santokh Singh, died 1830, son of Rajkumar Ranjit Singh (son of Raja Jaswant Singh, 2nd Raja of Nabha).
    • Sardar Kharak Singh Sabadia, married Bibiji Prem Kaur, daughter of Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja Sahib Singh, Maharaja of Patiala. He died sp in 1831. His share went to his full brother, Sher Singh.
    • Sardar Kahan Singh, married and had issue. He died 1836.
      • Sardar Partab Singh, his share was worth Rs3,632 p.a., married and had issue. He died 1878.
        • Sardar Ram Narayan Singh, he died 1892.
  • Sardar Ranjit Singh, Jagirdar of Shahbad 1808/1811 and Head of the Family 1811/- , the brothers divided the estate equally between them in 1811, married and had issue.
    • Rani Sabha Kaur, born about 1812, married (as his 1st wife), in April 1824, Raja Sangat Singh, 4th Raja of Jind. She died sp.
    • Sardar Dharam Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Kishan Singh, married and had issue. He died 1880.
      • Sardar Bachitar Singh, his title of Sardar is hereditary, married and had issue. He died 1898.
        • Sardar Rajendra Singh was 1st Mc President of Shahbad, Markanda.
        • Sardar Harendra Singh
          • Bibaji Rupinder Kaur
          • Sardar Mohinder Singh , Married to Bibaji Gurdarsh Kaur daughter Sardar Santpal Singh Guron Of Ladhran
          • Bibaji Radhir Kaur
  • Sardar Dharam Singh, Head of the Family -/1879, his share, together with his brother's share was worth Rs5,237 p.a., married and had issue. He died 1879.
    • Sardar Sheo Narayan Singh (qv)
  • Sardar Sheo Narayan Singh, Head of the Family 1879/1915, born 1877, a Viceregal Darbari, a Vice-President of Shahabad Municipality; married and had issue. He died 1915.
    • Sardar Jasmer Singh (qv)
  • Sardar Jasmer Singh , married and had issue with one son
    • Sardar Birjendra Singh
  • Sardar Mohinder Singh ,Head of the family, Presently he lives in Shahbad .He was Married to Bibaji Gurdarsh Kaur daughter Sardar Santpal Singh Guron Of Ladhran, had issue with one son -
    • Sardar Hemendra Singh Sandhu


Shahabad recaptured by the Jat Sikhs -1781

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