On the 9th MayJat chiefs Bhag Singh and Rai Singh who were plundering Saharanpur district returned to Buria (3 miles west of the Jumna).They commenced fighting with the amil of the place. The Sikhs were also carrying on a running fight with the ‘amil of Sadhaura. Mir Mansur was asked to send a body of selected horse to the relief of both these places. Shafi enjoyed boating in the Jumna.

The dancing-girls who were on the other side of the river complained to Shafi of their/want of money. Shafi advised them to wait at Jamalgarh. On the 10th May, Khalil Khan’s letter was received from Shahabad saying that Baghel Singh, Bhag Singh and Sher Singh were daily fighting him, and that he had taken a defensive position under the walls of the sera outside the Down. Jai Singh Rai reported the arrival of Gajpat Singh’s son in the camp at Karnal. Shafi moved to the village Nekri On the 11th May Shafi marched to Mahanpur (3 miles south of Buria) The Sikhs attacked him on the way. About 15 men on each side were wounded; while one Sikh (chela of Baghel Singh) was killed. Two Sikh horses were seized. On the 12th May a letter from Jai Singh Rai was received. It stated that Raja Gajpat Singh Of Jind would be able to arrange for the payment of one lakh of rupees in twenty days’ time. The amil of Shahabad informed Shafi that the Sikhs again besieged him and shot at him from the roofs of the neighbouring houses. Shafi ordered Sher Din Khan and Bagha Rao to go to his rescue; but they refused on the ground that their troops were clamouring for the arrears of their pay, that they had been going without food for the past three days, and that several of them had deserted the camp. Another report stated that the Sikhs continued the fight till the 15th May. It was reported to the Mirza that Jat chiefs Tara Singh Kakar, Mohar Singh, Jai Singh and Nawab Khushal Singh Of Singhpuria had left Roar for Patiala to confer with Raja Amar Singh. A message stated that these Jat Sikhs reached Sirhind on the 15th May. This day Shafi returned to his headquarters at Nakum-Tabar.

References :-

  • History of sikhs vol 3 by Hari ram Gupta.
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