Jai Singh Of KotSayad Mahmud was born into a Sandhu Jat family he was the son of Vir Singh Of KotSayad Mahmud who accpet sikh faith in 1720s , KotSayad Mahmud is two miles from the city of Amritar, He expanded his territory by defeating small and big jagirdars of this region, later his Estate was came under Bhangi Misl. And he was a trooper in the employ of Dhillon Jat ruler Sardar Gulab Singh Bhangi. But when the power of Bhangi Misl decreased, that Maharaja Ranjit Singh came to the peak, then his jagir came in his area. He participated in many wars for the Lahore Durbar and In the year 1809 Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore married Jai Singh’s daughter, Bibiji Rup Kaur ( Later Rani Of Lahore ) , and this marriage made the fortune of the family; for the ilagaAkhnur, worth Rs.30,000, was. assigned to Jai Singh’s son Charat Singh and Bhup Singh, subject to the service of tw hundred horsemen. When he was died his successor was Charat Singh Of KotSayad Mahmud.

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