Jhanda Singh of Sultan Wind, Amritsar,also know as Jhanda Singh Of Kathgarh was born into Mahal Jat family , like many other Manjha Jats of his time, took advantage of the break-up of the Mughal power to secure an estate for himself in semi independence. Having seized certain villages in Sialkot which he made over to his younger brother, he turned eastwards to the rich country between the Sutlej and the Beas.

This was in 1759. He acquired sixteen villages in ilagas Basi Kalan and Singriwala, Tahsil Hoshiarpur, forty villages in Kathgarh, and seventeen in ilaga Jamiatgarh, Tahsil Garbshankar, yielding an annual revenue of about one lakh. Also he was know as founder of Kathgarh Estate. He died in 1797, and was succeeded in his Hoshiarpur estates by his son Sardar Tara Singh.

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