Jodh Singh of Manihala, Jodh Singh (also known as Godh Singh and Jodh Singh Kamla) the son of Chaudhary of Manihala was the companion of Hari Singh Bhangi. When Hari Singh Bhangi constructed a small fort near Sialkot, he appointed Jodh Singh and his brother Uttam Singh in charge of the fort. Their horses were usually tied outside the fort. One day all of a sudden Jodh Singh observed that a vast cloud of dust was advancing from Jammu side. Fearing an attack he closed the gates of the fort and got ready to fight. Appreciate that the horses would fall into enemy hands. He quickly cut off the ropes with which their front and back legs were tied. The horses ran amok. The enemy fearing a counter attack field back to Jammu. It was a force of 300 irregulars of Raja RanjitDeo of Jammu who was trying to occupy the Sialkot District. Hari Singh called Jodh Singh ” Kamla ” or foolish and he came to be known by this nickname. Jodh Singh and his brother often fought in the Bhangi army against RanjitDeo, Sansar Chand Katoch and the Sukerchakias . Jodh Singh died without an issue and his brother Utam Singh succeeded his estates


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