Sham Singh was issueless. After his death in 1739, during Nadir Shah’s invasion, his nephewn(brother’s son) Sandhu Jat Chief Karam Singh, who was a member of his deral, became his successor.’Before joining the derab he took Pahul at the hands of Diwan Darbara Singh. Under Karam Singh the Misal progressed considerably, Besides making additions he was able to keep the possessions of Sham Singh intact.The men of Zakariya Khan, governor of Lahore, forcibly converted into Musalmans most of the relatives of Sham Singh and Karam Singh. In due course of time, Karam Singh, accompanied by Barbara Singh, adequately chastised the guilty Muslims and brought back their relatives into the fold of Sikhism. In the battle fought at Jalandhar against its administrator Nascer-ud-Din, Karam Singh participated on the side of Adeena Beg. He cut off the head of Nascer-ud-Din’s sipabsalar KhairShah, and established his position as a brave and fearless warrior and inspired awe into the hearts of his enemies. In due course of time, Karam Singh also died without a son.

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