In the first expedition the people of Jammu alone had been sacked. The Raja’s palaces and treasury had remained untouched, for the simple reason that the loot acquired from them was enormous. Now was the turn of the Raja to be fleeced.

Brij Raj Dev returned with his treasure from Vaishno Devi to Jammu shortly after Mahan Singh’s retirement. The people also settled down in their peaceful avocations in due course of time. Two years had elapsed. Mahan Singh all of a sudden led a second expedition to Jammu at the head of 5,000 men. The government and the people were taken unawares. The remaining riches of the people, the Raja’s entire treasury and armoury were all looted. Huge quantities of gold, silver, ornaments, diamonds, pearls and jewellery all worth a crore of rupees fell into Mahan Singh’s hands. Immense arms and ammunition were taken possession of. The neighbouring chiefs were frightened. They paid tribute to Mahan Singh, and saved their territories from his depredations.

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