Captain Maharaj Rana Ram Singh , Maharaj Rana of Dholpur, KCIE (1.1.1909), was born on 26th May 1883 eldest son of  Maharajadhiraja Sri Sawai Maharaj Rana Nihal Singh, Lokendra Bahadur, Diler Jang, Jai Deo, Maharaj Rana of Dholpur, CB, by his first wife, H.H. Sri Pundrik ganeshpuri Maharani Habans Kaur Sahiba, He was Direct descendants of Rana Jai Singh Of Bairat ( now south of Alwar) .

He was done education Mayo College, Ajmer and with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehradun . Succeeded on the death of his father, 20th July 1901. Ascended the gadi, 28th July 1901. Reigned under a Council of Regency until he came of age. Invested with full ruling powers, March 1905. He ruled for about eleven years, He reorganised the administration and revenue collection within the state, dividing it into six parganas  namely – 1. Dholpur, 2. Rajakhedi, 3. Badi, 4. Basaidi, 5. Mania and 6. Kulari. This way the administration of the state was improved. He was Honourable Captian IA 5/2/1908, And received Delhi Durbar gold medal (1903) and Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (KCIE)-1909 Also He was married at Hira Mahal, Nabha, 20th June 1905, H.H. Sidh Sri Nabhawala Maharani Ripudaman Devi Sahiba (b. at Nabha, before 1882; d.s.p. at Dehradun, February 1935), daughter of Colonel Maharaja Shri Sir Hira Singh Malvendra Bahadur, Maharaja of Nabha, GCSI, GCIE.

Death and Successor –

He died on 2nd April 1911. His successor was Maharaj Rana Uday bhanu Singh.

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