Maharaja Baldeo Singh of Bharatpur, was born at the Fort, Bharatpur, into Sinsinwar Jat family, he was the second son of H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Ranjit Singhji Bahadur, Farzand Jang Bahadur, Maharaja of Bharatpur, he was succeeded on the death of his elder brother, 7th October 1823. Ascended the “gadi”, at the Gopal Bhawan, Deeg, 8th October 1823. He was married third times first with Maharani Sri Zulkarin Sahiba Amrit Kaur Sahiba, Second with Maharani Sri Maji Sahiba Gangawaue Miraj Kaurji Sahiba, Regent for her infant son, 19th January 1826 to 1835.third with H.H. Maharani  Imrud Kaur Sahiba at Bharatpur. He was died at Jawahar Bagh, Bharatpur, 26th February 1825.

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