Maharaja Devinder Singh , (1822-1865), was born on 5 September 1822, the son of Raja Jasvant Singh of Nabha. He ascended the throne of Nabha on 5 October 1840 at the age of eighteen. During the first Anglo-Sikh war of 1845-46, Devinder Singh whose sympathy was with the Lahore Durbar did not help the British for which reason nearly a quarter of his possessions were confiscated and he was removed from his state and sent to Mathura. He was granted an annual pension of Rs 50,000, and in his place his minor son, Bharpur Singh, was installed on the gaddi. In December 1855, Raja Devinder Singh was shifted to Maharaja Kharak Singh`s mansion in Lahore where he died ten years later, in November 1865.

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