Maharaja Rajinder Singh Of Patiala, who was born on May 25, 1872, succeeded to his father at the age of four. The installation ceremony was performed on January 6, 1877 by Lord Lytton, the then Viceroy of India. The affairs of state were entrusted to a Council of Regency which was dissolved in October 1899 and the Maharaja was handed over the administrative power of the state. Rajinder Singh was . an intelligent, educated and a capable ruler. He was very fond of polo and hunting. He was known for his generosity and was keenly interested in the promotion of education. At the time of the opening of Khalsa College, Amritsar, he gave one and a half lakh rupees. He was completely on the side of the British. The Maharaja personally participated in the fighting against the Afridis. In recognition of his services he was given the title of ‘The Most Exalted Star of India’ by the English. Maharaja Rajinder Singh died on November 8, 1900 at the age of 28.

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