Wazir Fatah Khan was killed in August 1818 & the government of Afghanistan fell into confusion. Ranjit Singh took advantage of the political situation at Kabul. In October 1818, he captured Khairabad and its neighbouring territory along the western bank of the Indus, belonging to Firoz Khan, the Khatak chief. He then marched upon Peshawar and occupied it on 20 November 1818. Its governor Yar Muhammad Khan Barakzai fled the country. The leading chiefs and citizens offered a tribute of Rs. 25,000 and saved the city from pillage.

The Maharaja gave its charge to Jahandad Khan, the ex-governor of Attock. Ranjit Singh left no troops with him. He was given no war material. On the contrary he brought 19 guns found in Peshawar to Attock. On Ranjit Singh’s departure Yar Muhammad Khan expelled Jahandad Khan. Muhammad Azim Khan, Governor of Kashmir, had succeeded Fatah Khan as Prime Minister at Kabul. Ranjit Singh took no action against Yar Muhammad Khan for four years. In 1819, the Maharaja conquered Kashmir. In 1822 he demanded tribute from Yar Muhammad Khan. In June 1822, he paid to the Maharaja Rs. 40,000 in cash and gave a few fine horses. He agreed to pay a tribute of Rs. 20,000 annually.

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