Maharaja Sawai Ratan Singh Bahadur, of Bharatpur, was born at Deeg, third son of Maharaja Brijendra Sawai Sujan Singh [Suraj Mal] Bahadur, of Bharatpur, by his wife, Maharani Sri Ganga Devi,He was the ascended the throne after the death of Maharaja Jawahar Singh Of Bharatpur. Maharaja Jawahar Singh had no son, hence he was succeeded by his brother, Maharaja Ratan Singh. During a Holi festival held in Vrindavan, a possibly drunk Maharaja Ratan Singh was killed by a dwarf in Bharatpur where a very dilapidated “Ratan Chhatri” is still present. His son Maharaja Kehri Singh succeeded him in 1769.

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