Maharaja Sulakshanpal Dev Tomar was King of Delhi, of Tomar dynasty,he was grandfather of great king Maharaja Anagpal Tomar of Delhi ,Salaklain Tomar are direct decendents of Maharaja Sulakshanpal Dev Tomar.He had left the throne of Delhi in 1005 at age of 43 year 1 month and 25 days and took Vanasprath Ashram and gave throne to his younger brother Maharaja Jaypal Singh Tomar,latter he came in Samchana(in haryana) and constructed a garhi there. Delhi teritory were being disturbed by Muslim robbers and there local cheiftians who used to hide in the dense forest near baghpat in doab.So Maharaja Jaypal Singh requested Maharaja Sulakshanpal Singh to move in doab and help him to protect that area from those cheiftians, so Maharaja Sulakshanpal Singh ji with 500 warriors and his sons settled in the area of Baghpat and throw away all the Muslim robbers and cheiftian from this area,he then established his own administration in this area and his all sons settled in this area with there own jagirs,His decendents are known as Salaklain Tomar,on the name of there ancestor Maharaja Sulakshanpal Singh Tomar. Who are spreaded in a large area of 84 villages known as Salaklain Khap.Maharaja Sulakshanpal Singh Tomar coins are also found in this area.His eldest son was Rao Mahipal who had decended his father administration ,this administration is still continued as Salaklain Khap, which is headed by decendents of Maharaja Sulakshanpal Dev.

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  • CHOUDHARY DR. MEHAK SINGH TOMAR(most responsible person of SALAKLAIN KHAP)
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