MANA SINGH MANN (d. 1807), Was son of Mann Jat Jagirdar Sardar Sarja Singh Mann, a minor misldar and a feudatory sardar of Bhatti Jat ruler Sardar Mahan Singh Of Sukerchakia who held Jagir in Pindori Kalan and Pindori Khurd.He was a very close confidant of the chieftain of Sukerchakia Misl. He used to participate in every war with Sardar Maha Singh. And he got Sardar Maha Singh victorious in many fierce battles. And even after the death of his Sukerchakia chieftain, he always kept his loyalty to the Sukerchakia State.  And after the death of Maha Singh, he accompanied Maharaja Ranjit Singh in many military campaigns.

References :-

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