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Time Period

1748-1847(independent state), 1847-1947(Shahzadpur Estate)


Shahid Misl was one of the 12 independent Sikh states that existed in Punjab during the 18th century. It was founded by Deep Sing. During the time of Guru Gobind Singh, Deep Singh, was installed as first Mahant of a newly-established Gurdwara, known as Damdama Sahib, place of some celebrity in the Patiala State,. His successors engaged in a series of struggles with the Mahomedan Governors of the Eastern Panjab, and acquired the title of Shahid (martyr), by which the family is still known in honor of the legendary exploits of its head. Under Karm Singh a strong footing was obtained in the neighbourhood of Sirsa, and advantage was taken of the general melée of 1763, to join the invasion of the Cis-Satlaj country by Sikhs from the Manjha. Karm Singh forced his way up from the south through the present Ambala Tahsil, where he acquired several villages, and finally settled down at Shahzadpur, in the present Naraingarh Tahsil. The territory were then divided for a time, Karm Singh retaining possession of the Kasri tract in Ambala, and making over the Shahzadpur villages to his brother Dharam Singh. The latter died childless, and Karam Singh thereon became sole possessor of the numerous scattered blocks of villages still held by his descendants in jagir. These were administered by the family as independent territory until 1847, when general orders were passed, resuming the sovereign powers of all the separate petty States included in the Ambala district. The status of the family has ever since been that of jagirdar only; but, as such, it ranked second among the jagirs of the Ambala district.


  • Baba Deep Singh Shahid, 1st Misldhar of Shahidan misl 1748/1757, he was appointed the first Mahant of the "Takht Sri Damdama Sahib" (shrine of the resting-place of the 10th Guru), he was killed in action against the Afghan army in 1757.
  • Musfiq Maharban Suddha Singh Shahid, 2nd Misldhar of Shahidan misl, he was the disciple of his predecessor and succeeded him as the guardian of the shrine, he led the misl into a skirmish against the Afghan government of Jalandhar City. He was killed in a skirmish at Adhkola.
  • Musfiq Maharban Karam Singh Shahid, 3rd Misldhar of Shahidan misl, he succeeded to the family estates north of the Sutlej, and proceeded to expand the territory of the misl by taking possession of the country about Bannia and Damdama, Khari, Jaroli and Faizullapur, married (his brothers widows), Bibiji Hukma and Bibiji Desa, and had issue, two sons. He died 1808 (or 1784).
    • Sardar Gulab Singh (by Hukma Kaur)(qv)
    • Mehtab Singh (by Hukma Kaur), married 1stly, Bibiji Karam Kaur, married 2ndly, Bibiji Sahib Kaur. He died sp in 1820, and his younger widow married his brother.
  • Musfiq Maharban Gulab Singh Shahid, 4th Misldhar of Shahidan misl 1784/1803 and Jagirdar of Shahzadpur 1784/1844, he was one of the first chiefs to offer assistance to the British, who granted him a sanad on 4th January 1804, married (his brothers widow) in 1820, Sardarni Sahib Kaur, and had issue. He died 1844.
    • Sardar Shiv Kirpal Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Thakur Singh
  • Musfiq Maharban Shiv Kirpal Singh Shahid, Jagirdar of Shahzadpur 1844/1870, born 1838, he succeeded to his fathers estates, worth Rs30,000 p.a., and was the guardian of the Damdama Shrine, he did good service in the time of the Mutiny of 1857, and was rewarded by Government, married and had issue. He died 1870.
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, she married Tikka Balbir Singh of Jind, and had issue.
    • Sardar Sahib Meherban-i-Dostan Jiwan Singh Shahid (qv)
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, she married (as his 2nd wife), Sardar Bishan Singh Majithia (see Majithia).
  • Musfiq Maharban Meherban-i-Dostan Jiwan Singh Shahid C.S.I., Jagirdar of Shahzadpur 1870/1927, born 1860, educated at the Government Wards School, Ambala; he was an Honorary Magistrate and an Honorary Civil Judge; a Member of the District Board, a Member of the Committee of Management of the Aitchison College, Lahore; a Vice Regal Darbari of Ambala District, 3rd in order of Precedence within the Division and 36th in the Province; being a great sportsman he kept a fine horse racing stable at Shahzadpur; he was created a Companion of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India on 1st January 1891, he was awarded a sanad and a sword of Honour for his contributions to the war effort during WWI; married 1884, Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, daughter of HH Maharaja-Dhiraj Rajeshwar Raja-i-Rajgan Maharaja Mahendra Singh Mahendra Bahadur, Maharaja of Patiala, and had issue, two sons and three daughters. He died 1927.
    • Lt.-Col. Sardar Bahadur Ram Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Kartar Singh Shahid , was born in 1899, was married to Sardarni Gokul Kaur (Princess of Bharatpur) , Daughter Of H.H Maharaja Brijendra Sawai Ram Singh Bahadur Jung Of Bharatpur , had issues with four sons -
      • Sardar Jagjit Singh Shahid, was born 1899, was married to Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Sahiba from Bhadaur, had issues with Six daughters and one son-
        • Bibiji Parminder Kaur
        • Sardar Dhrupraj Singh Shahid ,born 29 November 1946, was married to Sardarni Manpreet Kaur Sahiba, had issues with one son -
          • Sardar Adhiraj Singh Sandhu.
        • Bibiji Reetinder Kaur Sahiba.
        • Bibiji Surender Kaur Sahiba , was born in 25 April 1954 , was married to Rajkumar Anup Singh ,Son of Squrden Leader Raja Giriraj Saran Singh Of Bharatpur and Rani Sushila Devi ( Princess Of Kapurthala).
        • Bibiji Satinder Kaur Sahiba
        • Bibiji Malvinder Kaur Sahiba
        • Bibiji Kininder Kaur Sahiba
      • Sardar Varinder Singh
      • Sardar Devinder Singh , was married and had issues with one son –
        • Sardar Manwinder Singh ,was married and had issues with one son-
          • Sardar Jujhar Singh
      • Sardar Tejinder Singh , born 05, August 1950, was married and had issues with one son-
        • Sardar Amanjot Singh Sandhu , born 06, April 1984.
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married Sardar Kirpal Singh Majithia, and had issue, two sons.
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married Kanwar Balram Singh Majithia, and had issue.
    • Bibiji Kartar Kaur, married (as his 1st wife), Sardar Bahadur Sardar Bhagwant Singh of Manauli (see misl Singhpuria).
  • Lt.-Col. Musfiq Maharban Sardar Bahadur Ram Singh Shahid, Jagirdar of Shahzadpur 1927/-, born 1893, educated at Aitchison College, Lahore; he served as Military Secretary with the Patiala State Service from 1918, he was granted a jagir worth Rs2,500 p.a. and the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel by the Maharaja of Patiala; He was married at Lohagarh, Bharatpur State, 22nd November 1901, Maharajkumari Umrao Kaur Sahiba later Sardarni Umrao Kaur Sahiba (born in 1889), second daughter of H.H. Maharaja Shri Brijendra Sawai Sir Jaswant Singh Bahadur Jang, Maharaja of Bharatpur, GCSI, by his second wife, H.H. Maharani Jaginewali Darya Kaurji.
    • Sardar Bahadur Ranjit Singh (qv)
    • Sardar Ajit Singh, born 1915.
  • Lt.S.B Ranjit Singh Shahid, was married, had issue with one son –
    • Sardar Gurdeep Singh Shahid(Born 04, October 1943)
      • Sardar Prabhdeep Singh , born 11, July 1970
        • Sardar Tegh Singh Sandhu , born 13 April 2001.
        • Sardar Gobind Singh Sandhu.
      • Sardar Karandeep Singh , born 06 March 1974, was married and had issues with one son-
  • Kunwar Ajit Singh Shahid, born in 1915, educated at Aitchison college Lahore, was in the college tennis team.Later came back and settled at Shahzadpur, Was a great hunter of his time. Had his own machaans built in the entire kalesar forest, Was married , had issues with two sons -
    • Sardar Surender Singh Sandhu 1943), Jagirdar Of Shahzadpur, born 04, October 1943 , was married and had issues with two sons –
    • Sardar Narinder Singh Sandhu ( born 15, September 1953), was married had issue with one son-
      • Sardar Sandeep Singh Sandhu (Born. 04 January 1987), was married had issue with one son –
        • Sardar Aalam Singh Sandhu (born 02, March 2016)
  • Sardar Prabhdeep Singh Shahid, Jagirdar Of Shahzadpur, born 11, July 1970, was married and had issues with one son –
    • Sardar Govind Singh Sandhu , born 25, July 1997.
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