Mit Singh Of Padhana (d. 1814), was soldier, commander and Jagirdar under Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore, He was the son of Sardar Sukkha Singh Of Padhania, and entered the service of the Sukerchakia misl under Mahan Singh, who assigned to him a jagir worth Rs 12,000 annually. In 1804, in Ranjit Singh’s reign, he had command of 500 horse. He took part in Ranjit Singh’s occupation of Lahore (1799) and distinguished himself in the Kasur (1807) and Kashmir (1814) expeditions. He was killed in action during the retreat of the Sikh forces from Kashmir in 1814, Ranjit Singh assigned to his son, General Jawala Singh Sandhu, additional estates worth Rs 1,25,000 in Haripur- Guler, in Kangra district.


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