MOHAR SINGH OF MARI GAUHAR SINGHWALA (d. 1832), son of Gauhar Singh, a powerful JatSardar during the second half of the eighteenth century whose memory is perpetuated in the name of the village of Mari Gauhar Singhwala.
Mohar Singh, with his brother, Dal Singh, held their during Bhatti Jatsikh ruler Maharajah Ranjit Singh`s reign subject to one hundred horse. He served in the Kashmir campaign in which he was wounded. He distinguished himself at the crucial battle of Teri fought near the Kabul River in March 1823, after which he was placed in command of 500 cavalry. He was engaged under General Ventura in 1831 to seize the territory of the Bahawalpur chief north of the Sutlej. Mohar Singh died in 1832. Half of his estates in Sialkot, continued to his son, Ishwar Singh, who served at Kulu, Suket, Hazara and Peshawar at which last-named place he died in 1843 of a fever.

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