Nar Singh of Amia Kalan was born into UppalJat family , He was the Son of Surjan Singh Of Amia Kalan When we was youth he joined Dhillon Jat ruler Gulab Singh Bhangi Of Lahore, who was chief of the confederacy formed against Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore soon after his capture of Lahore. An expedition was fitted out against him, which Nar Singh joined; but it was broken up by the death of Sardar Gulab Singh Bhangi  from the effects of a prolonged debauch at Kothani. Soon after this, in 1803, Nar Singh joined Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore, and accompanied him in the Pindi Bhattian campaign, and later in the expedition against the Bhangis and the fort of Kalar, which was bravely defended by Sidhu Jat Chief Jodh Singh Atariwala. In 1804 he went with Ranjit Singh again against Raja Sansar Chand Katoch, who had tried to possess himself of a portion of the Jullundur Doab, but who was defeated near Hoshiarpur and driven back to the hills. The nest expedition shared in by Nar Singh was that against Hafs Ahmad Khan of Thang, resulting in the imprisonment of that chief and the seizure of his estates.

He served in the first unsuccessful campaign of Multan, and in both the Kashmir expeditions under Diwan Ram Dayal in the dera of Prince Kharak Singh; and on the conquest of Kashmir he received a jagir of Re. 14,000 at Samba in the Jammu territory. He fought in the battle of Teri in 1828, and served under Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa in Nara.

In 1895-96 he accompanied the Sikh force under Prince Kharak Singh against the Mazaris of Mithankot. When Jawahir Singh became minister, Nar Singh was treated with great favour; for he had married as his second wife an aunt f Maharani Jindan, the sister of Aulakh Jat Jagirdar Jawahar Singh Aulakh. He received the present of an elephant with gold houaings, was placed in command of the MulRaj Regiment, and was sent with the Samba Sardar against the insurgents who had ravaged the country in the neighbourhood of Phatia, Gujrat, and had looted the shrine of Ker Sahib, a place of some-sanctity, where Guru Nanak had slept on the ker, or heaps of earth thrown up by the rats. The insurgenta were speedily reduced to order,. and the plundered property in a great measure recovered.

During the Sutlej campaign, Nar Singh served under Sardar Ranjodh Singh Majithia. He remained faithful to his Government during the Multan rebellion, as did his contingent of sowars, and we sent to Pind Dadan Khan under the orders of Misur Rallin Ram, Superintendent of the Sult mines. He returned to Lahore with Raja Dina Nath after the latter”s unsuccessful mission to Sardar Chatar Singh. From the year 1825, when Serdar Nar Singh’s principal jagirs were resumed, he had only held jagirs worth Rs. 2,200 and cash allowances of Rs. 8,761. His Jagir was in 1849 confirmed to him for life.He was died in 1866.

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