Nawab ‘Ali Muhammad Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Rampur (i.e Rohilkand or Nawab Of Katehir), was born before 14th April 1706, as “Choudhary Prem Singh Nain, from Barha, in Muzaffarnagar district, was a Rohilla chief of Jat descent, he was Adopted by Sardar Daud Khan, the Rohilla commander, at the age of six. Seized the town of Aonla from the Katehria chief, and later led an Imperial expedition against the Barha sayyids of Jansath, in Muzaffarnargar. Rewarded by Emperor Muhammad Shah in 1737 by a grant of the hereditary title of Nawab ‘Ali Muhammad Khan Bahadur, an Imperial mansab of 5,000 zat and 5,000 sowar, and the territory of Katehr in Jagir. He overthrew the Imperial governors of Moradabad and Bareilly and secured full control of most of Rohilkhand 1741. He then invaded Kumaon and established control over most of the Terai 1744. Thereby incurring the jealousy of Nawab Safdar Jang. Dispossessed by him with the help of the Raja of Kumaon and exiled to Delhi 1746, remaining a prisoner there for six months. Appointed as Subedar (Imperial Governor) of Sirhind 1746. Joined Ahmad Shah Durrani when he invaded India and entered Sirhind in January 1748, then returned to Rohilkhand and recovered all his former territories, was married a daughter of Yamin ul-Mulk, ‘Izz ud-Daula, Nawab Azmatu’llah Khan Bahadur, Diler Jang, sometime Faujdar of Moradabad. He died at Aonla, Barelly, 15th September 1748, (success by his second son), His successor was Nawab ‘Abdu’llah Khan Bahadur, of Budaun.


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