Nawal Singh Solanki or Sardar Nawal Singh Solanki was a freedom fighter in 1857 and Chiften of Palam 360 Khap. Chaudhary Nawal Singh was given the title of “Sardar” by Shahn-shah-e-shah-alam Bahadurshah Zafar, when they were fighting the British in the first war of Independence.

Biography :-
Nawal Singh was son of Chaudhary Lachman Singh Solanki of Palam Village who was 18th Chiften of Palam 360 Khap. Nawal Singh was highly educated and was matric pass of that time, an expert in reading, writing and speaking of Urdu and Farsi. Very brave warrior and Commander. He was the 19th Pardhan of Palam 360 khap like his father before him.

Role in 1857 :-
Nawal Singh had friendly relations with Raja Nahar Singh of Ballabhgarh and supported Raja Nahar Singh and Bahadurshah Zafar in the First War of Independence in 1857. Nawal Singh united many 360 Khaps like Palam 360 and Jharsa 360. One of the famous incident was when the elephantry of Raja Nahar Singh’s military and elephantry of Nawal Singh’s Palam 360 military broke the KhooniDarwaja of Delhi gate to enter and fight the British army near ChandniChowk. This famous tale is still told by many Old people in Palam and nearby villages. He also helped Bakht Khan in Palam and Najafgarh.

References :-

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