Kunwar Nihal Singh Takshak (born:25.5.1913) of Bhagwi . Bhiwani. United Punjab (now in Haryana).

He was a great social activist from village Bhagvi in district Bhiwani, Haryana.He hailed from the aristocratic / wealthy family of Zamindar of Bhagwi ( The family was popular for there freindship with Nawab Jajhar in 19th century). His father was Chaudhary Ghanshyam Singh Takshak (who was the most influential Nambardar of Bhiwani District). He got admission in Birla College Pilani. He was married to Smt Durgawati younger sister of Chaudhary Nanak Chand Jakhar of Alwar.

He was elected MLA in Jind State during the elections held in 1937. Earlier he was an Education Inspector with Birla Institute of Technology and Science (Birla Education Trust) Pilani. He starting Basic Education schools with the help of Birla Education Trust in the villages of the then Loharu and Jind native states which now fall in district Bhiwani.

Major portion of the Dadri Tesil formed part of the native Jat state ( District Jind) since long. When the flames of freedom movement started engulfing the territories of native states, Shri Nihal Singh Takshak started Praja Mandal Movement in Jind state.

He was Education minister in PEPSU Patiala State in Sardar Gyan Singh Radewala Ministry. He did a great job in the field of Rural Education. He also founded Birhi Kalan Teachers’ Training School; and the Art and craft teacher training school in Arya Hindi Maha Vidyalaya, Charkhi Dadri.

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