Chaudhari Chunya Singh was a Jatof Ajnala in Amritsar district. He had four sons, Indar Sain, Chandar Sain, Bhim Sain and Mast Singh. Sardar Indar Sain married by chadarandazi a beautiful woman named Mai Dharmon who gave birth to a son named Nodh Singh. This Nodh Singh was present at the battle of Sirhind in which he was wounded by a bullet. As he could not move farther he seized Kheri, the richest Parganah of the Ludhiana district, in the close vicinty of Sirhind which was worth Rs. 25,000 a year. He was also a great valiant warrior of his region and he won many battles against the Mughals and other local rulers in each era.He was built a fort at this place and resided there.

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