It was, then, held by Mai Sukhan, widow of Gulab Singh Bhangi, who had died at Bhasin by excessive drinking m 1800. She had the support of the Ramgarhia Sardar.

On the advice of Jodh Singh, the Ramgarhia chief and the Akali leader Akali Phula Singh, the fort and city of Amritsar were evacuated by Mai Sukhan on February 24, 1805. 107 The occupation of Amritsar, the religious capital of the Sikhs, brought additional lustre to Ranjit Singh’s name.


  • Ibid., pp. 56-57. The date of occupation of Amritsar has been given differently by different authors. According to Ali-ud-Din Mufti (Vol. I, p. 404)
  • Ganesh Das (p. 146), Ranjit Singh, conquered Amritsar in 1803 and according to Amar Nath the occupation of Amritsar took place in 1802 (p. 27).
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