Jassa Singh Ahluwalia had his headquarters at Fatahabad on the right bank of the Beas. Kapurthala tract running in a narrow strip along the left bank of the Beas to its confluence with the Satluj was under Rae Ibrahim Bhatti. He was a tributary to the Ahluwalia sardar. The annual tribute amounted to one lakh. For some time the tribute had remained in arrears. The Bhatti chief was spending money on constructing thirteen forts around the town. Jassa Singh summoned Rae Ibrahim to Fatahabad. He deputed his two officials, Shah Chiragh and Sahaj Ram Diwan. Jassa Singh demanded immediate payment of four lakhs of rupees, being the full amount of arrears. The Rae failed in compliance.

Ibrahim had built a fort called Rae-ka-kot, in the midst of colonies of Afghans near Vairowal to the west of river Beas. Murar Singh and Shaikh Karimullah were ordered to capture Rae-ka-kot in 1770. This was done. Chait Singh was appointed Thanedar of the place.Rae Ibrahim did not pay any money afterwards. In 1773, Sultanpur, the seat of government of Ibrahim was invaded by Jassa Singh. Kanwars Mohar Singh and Bhag Singh took the leading part in the attack. After some resistance the Nawab gave in and sued for peace. Kapurthala with 27 villages was left with Rae Ibrahim for an annual tribute. The rest of the country was annexed. It was placed under the charge of Kanwar Bhag Singh.

In 1777 Jassa Singh’s son-in-law, Mohar Singh, a Jagirdar of Fatahabad, married to his younger daughter, was shot dead from one of the thirteen forts near Kapurthala. This was intolerable. Ibrahim pleaded his innocence, and apologised for the mistake of somebody in his service. Jassa Singh demanded the surrender of the culprit, who was not traced. The subject people of the Rae complained against his harsh policy. Eventually. Jassa Singh made up his mind to take possession of Kapurthala.

In December, 1779, Jassa Singh marched upon Kapurthala via Vairowal. After some fighting Rae Ibrahim took up his position in the main fort. Jassa Singh encamped at village Shaikhpur. Kanwar Bhag Singh captured Andresa, Badalpur, Bholath, Bholian, Bohdalel r Brahmwal, Chakoke, Dainwind, Dala, Dhaliwal, Dhilwan, Hamira r Karael, Khakhrain, Kularan, Lakhanki, Lohian, Mullanwala, Nadala, Parveznagar, Ramidi, Sidhwan, and Wadala.

Rai Ibrahim sued for peace. He sent Ali Asghar with a horse as a present. Ibrahim’s officials Diwan Lahori Mai and Bora Mai called upon Jassa Singh to settle terms. They were ordered to vacate Kapurthala. Rai Ibrahim was allowed to leave in safety with his movable property and family. He was given a place to live and a fixed allowance for his expenses was granted. Kapurthala became the headquarters of Kanwar Bhag Singh, a cousin of Jassa Singh as well as the capital of Ahluwalia Misl. Jassa Singh continued to live at Fatahabad.


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