Written By – Tawarikh-E-Punjab.

One thing fascinating about the Shahi Samadhis of rulers of Nabha is that,, they are scattered all around the city!

While the Nabha’s founder Raja Hamir Singh ,Who was 4th Generation direct descendants of Chaudhari Phul Singh Of Mehraj has his samadh in the Old Fort of the city. The rulers from Raja Jaswant Singh, Raja Davinder Singh, Raja Bharpur Singh and Raja Bhagwan Singh have their samadhs in PPS Nabha’s hostel area!

While the Sidhu Jat rulers, Maharaja Hira Singh, Maharaja Ripudaman Singh and Maharaja Pratap Singh , Maharaja Hanuwant Singh  their Samadhs in a garden outside on circular road outside the city. This Gurudwara is probably the same one built on the wish that Hira Singh wanted to be constructed in front of his Samadh after he died. A new one has been built too while this one remains closed.

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