Rai Bahadur Sardar Albel Singh Of Ladhran was born into a Guron Jat family , He was the son of Sardar Uttam Singh ( d.1841) and younger brother of Sardar Sangat Singh, He was done there education from Aitchison College, Rai Bahadur Atter helping the Deputy Commissioner, Iudhiana, in the earliest stages of the Muting, he was elected for active service and joined Watson’s Horse (later called the 13th Lancers), bringing with him one hundred sowars and receiving the rank of Risaldar. He fought splendidly in many battles beside his gallant Commander General Sir John Watson, V.C., who in 1870 wrote to his old comrade: “If any one should ask anything concerning gou. show him this letter, and he will rend that for 17 years I have known you as a valuable servant of the State and never ceased to regard you as a personal friend, and to. esteem you for your many good qualities of head and heart”. Sardar Albel Singh was entrusted for years with the enlistment and management of the Sikhs of his regiment, and his tact and intelligence secured him the love and esteem of all the men, who regarded him in the light of a father. He possessed handsome testimonials from many distinguished officers who knew him well, including General Sir Hugh Gough, General Sir R. C. Low, and Colonel Managhten. He took part in the Afghan War of 1879, and was in Egypt with the Expedition of 1882. Lord Northbrook conferred upon him the title of Rai Bahadur in 1876. He was for a short time an Aide-de-Camp to His Excelleney Lord Napier of Magdala, and was attached as an orderly officer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales in 1876. At the close of the Egyptian campaign be visited England and received his War Medal from the hand of Her Late Majesty the Queen Empress; obtaining at the same time the rank of Risaldar-Major in his old regiment. He retired on a pension of Rs. 1,560 per annum and was granted 3,000 acres of land in the Shahpur district, the assessment of which, Rs. 662, was remitted in acknowledgment of his gallant services. Rai Bahadur Sardar Albel Singh Of Ladhran was died in 1902.

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