Raja Badan Singh C.S.I Of Malaudh was born into a Sidhu Jat family , He was the son of Sardar Mit Singh Sahib Of Malodh and 6th Generation direct descendants of Chaudhari Phul Singh Of Mehraj , He was an Honorary Magistrate, a Sub-Registrar of Malaudh and a member of the District Board. The dignity of the Companion of the Star of India was conferred on him in 1908. Later, he was awarded the title of “Raja” as a personal distinction, also receiving a sanad from the Viceroy as a mark of approbation.
He was exempt from personal appearance in civil and revenue courts. his contribution to the Khalsa College at Amritsar, the expenditure of Rs. 10,000 for the construction of a road from Kup to Malaudh, his donations for the relief of sufferers from the famine in his district and to the victims of the Kangra earthquake, his contributions towards the construction of a Female hospital and of the Clock Tower at Ludhiana, and his belp to the Victoria Memorial Fund, Lahore. Besides, he financed several other institutions in the Punjab as well as in his own district at different periods of his career.
During the Great War he rendered invaluable services to Government by busying himself in the work of recruitment and of collection of War funds. It was mainly due to his splendid example that recruitment, the War Loan, the Indian Imperial Relief Fund, the Aeroplane Fund and other War organizations were so successful in his district.
He subscribed from his own pocket Ba. 60,000 without interest to the War Loan, Rs. 12,500 to the Indian Imperial Relief Fund, Rs. 12,000 for procuring recruits, Re. 10,000 to the Punjab Aeroplane Fund, and Bs. 8,000 to the O’Dwyer Memorial Fund, besides undertaking to spend Rs. 10,000 annually towards the expenses of the War until its termination. He was died in the age of 82 years.

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