Raja Bhag Mal Singh Of Bithur also know as Raja Bharmal Singh Of Phaphund was born in a Hindu Jat family, and belonging to Gurram Dynasty. His father was a very influential Sardar of his area. He was very proficient in war skills since childhood.  And was also fond of horse riding. Phaphund is to the east in district Etawah (present day Oraiya).  He expanded his jagir during his reign.  and established a strong state also He had built a fort at Phaphund, the signs of which are still remaining.  Raja Bhagmal Singh was loved by everyone, Hindu-Muslim.  He had also built a mosque for the poor Muslims there.  Till date, the name of Raja Bhagmal Singh is inscribed on that mosque.  We have seen the fungus ourselves.  This was the best trading market during the time of Raja Bhagmal Singh.  Many houses of the old times are still showing their glory. After his death, the Nawabs of Awadh attacked his principality he kept some area under his suzerainty. Nawab Saadat Ali had given this place to the British Government in 1801 AD.And Bithur or Phaphund State was again converted into a Jagir.

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