Raja Sri Fateh Singh, Raja of Jind. b. at Jind Fort, 6th May 1789, eldest son of Raja Sri Bagh Singh Sahib, Raja of Jind, by his first wife, Rani Sri Daya Kaur Sahiba. The reign of Fateh Singh was very short and uneventful. He died on the 3rd of February 1822 at his residence at Sangrur at the age of thirty-three, leaving one son, Sangat Singh, eleven years of age.

Became Heir Apparent with the title of Tikka Sahib, on the accession of his father, 11th November 1789. Appointed as Regent for his incapacitated father, following the rebellion of his younger brother and the murder of Rani Sobrani, 23rd June 1814. Joined with the British authorities in supressing the rebellion of his brother, which eventually forced him to flee from Jind territory in 1815. Succeeded as Raja of Jind, on the death of his father, 16th June 1819. Ascended the gadi, at Jind Fort, 17th June 1819.

Personal Life :-

Raja Fateh Singh Of Jind was several wives, first marriage to Rani Sri Khem Kaur Sahiba (d.s.p. after 1835), daughter of Jat Chief  Sardar Didar Singh, Second to Rani Sri Mai Sahib Kaur (d. after 1847), Ranai Regent for her minor son from 30th July 1822 until he came of age in 1827, and subsequently from his death on 4th November 1834 until the installation of Raja Sri Swarup Singh 8th March  1837, daughter of Jat Jagirdar Sardar Kushal Singh Of  Barnewala. He d. at the Sangrur Palace, Jind, 3rd February 1822, having had issue, an only son: Yuvraj Sri Sangat Singh,Later Raja of Jind .

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