On 1st June Shafi wanted to send Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind to Delhi, but hesitated to do so for fear of the Sikhs. On 2 June Shafi sent Gajpat Singh to Delhi accompanied by the battalions of Kajjar and Murad Beg. On 4 June Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind, Nigahi Singh and Diwan Singh were presented to Najaf Khan by Mahdi Quli Khan. Each of them offered a nazar of five gold coins, two gold coins and five rupees respectively. Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind was granted a khilat of five pieces, Nigahi Singh of three pieces, and Diwan Singh three doshalas and two pieces of shawl. On 6 June at the request of Murad Beg, Gajpat Singh was placed in the custody of Mahdi Quli Khan. On9June Shift ‘s letter was received by Najaf Khan. He suggested that the country west of river Jamuna should be placed in the charge of Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind and he should be allowed to spend the rainy season in the Ganga Doab. Najaf Khan ordered Shafi “not at all to cross the Jamuna.” On 12 June Ram Ratan Modi submitted a report to Najaf Khan regarding Raja Gajpat Singh’s revenues. The total re venues amounted to six lakhs of rupees. Out of this two lakhs and forty thousand had been paid to Shafi. Two lakhs and ten thousand were promised in eight days. The remaining one lakh and fifty thousand were to be paid in two months in three instalments. Until the full payment hostages were to be given by Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind. On 13 June it was reported to Najaf Khan that Raja Gajpat Singh’s deputy was arranging for money and wished that Gajpat Singh should be given leave. Najaf Khan insisted on immediate payment.

On 1 2 July Najaf Khan fixed Gajpat Singh’s tribute at six lakhs, out of which he realized three lakhs immediately. He kept, his son as a hostage for the payment of the balance. He granted him robes of honour, a jewelled ornament for the turban, a sword, a necklace of pearls, a frilled palankeen, a horse and an elephant. He conferred upon him the title of Maharaja. Gajpat Singh’s son, his Diwan and other companions were also given khilats.


  • History Of The Sikhs Vol. IV The Sikh Commonwealth Or Rise And Fall Of Sikh Misls by Hari Ram Gupta.
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